Let's Work: Julissa V.

You know when you’re an artist there are certain obstacles that you have to work through when trying to pull together an idea. In the middle of my photoshoot a super strong gust of wind swoops by and drops my lighting equipment, tragic to say the least. However, I was lucky to see that there was no damage to the actual light but that the diffuser took the brunt of the damage (R.I.P.). Instead of complaining about my idea that I had in my head I proceeded to move forward with the shoot and honestly it came out great. My model for the day Julissa was amazing and we got some solid shots in even if the lighting was not always consistent.

Street Style: Tony Liranzo

We met up shot for about 10 minutes and it was great.

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Let's Work: Kat Files

Ok so where do I begin…

Working with Kat Files was an absolute pleasure. She a model, a talented actress and an accomplished dancer with many years of experience. Initially our idea for this shoot was completely different from the end result. We started the day around 6am in Brookfield Place where we had the perfect lighting, spacing and composition to get this shots that we needed however it didn’t happen this way. Instead we were followed by security, we were approached on multiple occasions about our intentions and ultimately told that we would not be able to use the location. But as you can see that didn’t stop us.

Luckily we were able to find a location! A location with least then desirable lighting, a location that is flooded with people but a location that is iconic, Grand Central Station.

Katherine was an absolute professional despite the unforeseen circumstances that could have ruined our idea for the shoot. When surrounded by onlookers and even some people who just would walk directly in front of our shoot she never lost her cool, she never stopped hitting her magnificent poses and she never lost the elegance that is the centerpiece of each image that we created.

This shoot really holds a special place in my heart. I was able to capture images that I have never been able to capture before, I was able to challenge myself in ways that made me feel triumphant in the end especially when considering how I might have handled things in the past and I was able to work with a wonderful woman who brought this whole experience that we collaborated on to life in a way that I couldn’t have imagined prior.

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Kat Files is also Co-creator of the The Files Arts Project, a program in which she along with her team is bringing the art of dance to underserved communities around the country. https://www.thefilesartsproject.com

I FINALLY Used a Sony Camera!

I had the privilege to attend a Sony event some time ago and get some first hand experience using the Sony A7RIII. I have never used a Sony camera prior to attending this event so I figured that it would be a great opportunity to see what it feels like to use a Full-Frame mirrorless camera. Each of the images below were taken on the A7RIII w/ the 85mm FE f/1.4 GM lens (ABSOLUTE BEAST!), I took each image in JPEG mode and I changed the settings to Black & White internally within the camera. I must say that I had a great experience with this camera, although i’m partial to the Fujifilm system for a variety of reasons I could see myself eventually adding a Sony camera to my collection. Sony has a magnificent sensor within this camera and the clarity of the images we breathtaking, I also appreciated the eye tracking system within the camera that allowed for a wonderful experience using autofocus. I current am using a Canon 5D Mark III when shooting events but a Sony camera is absolutely a candidate for a worthy replacement.

Let's Work: Jorden

This shoot was so much fun, it was definitely her birthday and she may or may not have been a bit tipsy from the beverage in her red cup. We were running behind schedule, we only had about an hour to shoot but we didn’t allow that to stop the good vibes. We went into the shoot without a plan of execution, we didn’t practice any poses or looks, we just made it happen and I’m happy with the result.

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